Our Services

855-LASPADA (527-7232)

Your Transport Experts

LaSpada Enterprises, Inc in Bloomington, Indiana serves clients in the 48 States of the US as well as Canada. We can transport various goods such as dry groceries and other products for you. Our service quality is recognized by clients from coast to coast; we have a reputation for being one of the leading transportation and full-service logistics companies in the industry.

What We Offer

Less Than Truckload Shipping (LTL)
Partial Truckload
Temperature-Controlled and Dry Vehicles
Storage Trailers
Truck Maintenance

Competitive Pricing

We can provide you all the benefits of large, over-the-road companies while maintaining our brand of service.


We have an interactive load board with the ability to view scheduled pickups/deliveries as well as refrigerated trailer temperature tracking. In addition, our company uses electronic billing and payment for all transactions.


Our company has an impeccable safety rating and is highly acclaimed by the insurance industry for our unbelievable low-loss runs.

Looking for Fleet Services?

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